Our services are provided free of charges.

However, you are kindly requested to pay the expenses for a guide as listed below.

1) Transportation expense for a guide.

Depending on the guiding;

        in Tokyo city area: About 2500yen per guide per day.

note) Nagareyama city where our club members live, is located  in about 30 km northern suburbs of the central Tokyo.

in Nagareyama city area: None

in other area : Varies by the guiding area.

2) Lunch expense.

3) Admission fees for visiting facilities, viewing fees, etc.,if any.

4) Other actual expenses incurred during the guide, if any.


1) Application deadline.

  It requires to have the application ; (at the latest)

  From overseas;  2 weeks  before the service requested date.

  From within Japan; 5 days before the service requested date.

2) Liability during the tour services.

  Neither Nagareyama SGG Club nor the guides of our club are responsible

 for any injuries , or theft and /or damages to posseions that may occur during the services.

3) Travel Insurance.

   You are requested to be covered by a travel insurance for medical expenses in Japan by yourself.

4) We do not provide the following tour services.

-Night or overnight tour services

-Tours using private or rental cars/bikes

-Tours for commercial purposes

5) The information provided in the application will be used by our SGG Club only for the purpose of providing the requested tour guide services.