“The Nearest City with Woods from Mid Tokyo, just 30min from Center of Tokyo.”

Welcome to Nagareyama!

If you have time enough even on your half day off, you may try to visit City Nagareyama just 30 minutes from the center of Tokyo. That must bring you an exiting time with our voluntary supports including to guide some spots of Tokyo when you want it.


The City Nagareyama locates beside the Edo-gawa river which had been allowing them to grow by shipping traditional products to the center of Tokyo(Edo). These Old City Area is still managed and operated by the traditional industries and shops where you will find many Japanese cultural atmosphere shown below.. On the other hand , the new area of City is growing through Jobando Highway via Big Truck Cargo Center, and you will discover what is the essence of the City harmonized with the nature, because the target of the City management is ; ” the Nearest City with Woods from Mid Tokyo ” where you might meet many small animals and birds We would be very glad if you contact us by the Application Form Sheet attached !

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Guide Courses

Course A

Let’s visit the Traditional Nagareyama


Let’s walk along the Nagareyama Tone Canal


Let’s Look in Tokyo, Tsukuba, and Nagareyama


Access From Tokyo/Akihabara
1.Tsukuba Express-Line :30Min.
2.JR East/Joban-Line :45Min.
3.Tokyo Metro 〜 Ryutestu-Line :55Min.