Free Guide in Nagareyama

The City of forest, nearest from Tokyo.

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We, Nagareyama SGG Club, are organized with the voluntary members registered in JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) to guide visitors from abroad in English, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Any guest can request to guide Nagareyama including Tokyo area through Application Form attached in this Home Page.

Sightseeing Courses

Guide Reports

#1 2019.02.01

In the old house, Issa-Soju Memorial Hall, where Poet Issa and the sweet-sake brewer Soju enjoyed Haiku poem making,  our guests enjoyed tea ceremony. 

#2 2018.04.30

We guided Indonasian family at Kikkoman soy source classic factory in Nabour city Noda.

#3 2018.03.28

Guided German family to Asakusa.

#4 2018.11.21

We are studying more Nagareyama together with friends of the city Nagareyama.

Visitor’s Reports

The tour we had was varied and informative. We have fallen in love with Tokyo and the Japanese people thanks to our visit to Japan and tour with Yuji.
Remembering our visit now we remember the Imperial Palace, with it’s balance between architecture and nature. The giant Tori and Meiji Shrine was so well preserved and insightful. Finally, we had the honor of witnessing a Japanese Wedding Ceremony, this was beautiful and all thanks to Yuji and SGG. And Sensoji and the sushi shop were  very special. The sushi chef also gave a souvenir which was very personal.
Thank you for everything, we will remember you and Tokyo forever in our memories and our hearts!

Events Information

Spring 2019 :

・Tea service in ISSA-SOJU Memorial Hall      Apr.4./May.5./Jun.9
・Concert of Traditional Japanese  Music in ISSA-SOJU Memorial Hall Apr.20
・Carp  streamer in Tone Canal    Apr.20 – May.31.  

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