Points of Sightseeing
  1. An east main road leading to Nikko.
  2. Akagi Shrine, Moro Shrine.
  3. Issa & Souju Memorial hall.
  4. Soy sauce & Mirin ( sweet sake ).
  • You can meet the world of Issa’s Haiku ( Japanese poem ) in Edo period.
  • A hands-on couse in composing haiku poem in your own language. You can enjoy green tea and dishes flavored with Mirin ( sweet sake ).
  • You can visit a soy sauce brewery. ( Application is required three weeks in advance.)
  • You can enjoy dishes flavored with Mirin ( sweet sake ).
①Nikko higashi oukan

Nagareyama city, which 30kirometers further up the Edogawa from Edo, had facilities for water transportation.

②Akagi shrine

Akagi Shinto Shrine is on the top of the mound which has an interesting story. A big straw rope is completed in one day by local supporters

③Moro shrine

Moro Shrine is a historic shrine famous for its shinto ritual Jingaramoti.held on the second Sunday in January .

④Issa-souju Memorial Hall

Issa Kobayashi, a famous Haiku poet, spent most of his life traveling. He frequently visited Nagareyama to see Sanzaemon Akimoto (pen name as a haiku poet : Soju), the fifth generation master of the Akimoto family, a mirin brewer. Soju gave economic aid to Issa. Issa -Soju Memorial Hall was opened to commemorate their spiritual friendship. You can watch the beautiful rock garden and decorative alcove with calligraphy “Appare”. You can also enjoy tea on tatami mat.


A clear and white Mirine was successfully developped by Mr.Monjirou Horikiri,2nd Sagamiya master, sake brewer. Mirin gained popularity as “Azuma special product”in the Edo, and then spread throughout Japan.

⑥Misegura Kaleidoscope Gallery

Misegura was built in 1889 as a tea store, shop and residence. Today, it exhibits and sells the works of many kaleidoscope worldwide artists, Mrs.Yasuko Nakasato lives in Nagareyama city, is well known as a leading creator in kaleidoscope field.

Restaurant served with Mirin fravor

①Chojiya (Italian)

②Yanagiya (Japanese)

③Kaneki ( Japanese )


⑤Edoya (Grilled Eell)

⑥Chazuran (Pasta)

⑦Bistro Minaminkaze (Wine Roast Chicken)