Our service are provided free of charge.
However, you are kindly requested to pay the actual expenses for a SGG Guide as listed below:
Travel expense for a return-ticket ( max 2,000yen/guide) to the place where the guide meets you, from his/her residence.
Admission fees to temples, shrines, museums, etc
Transportation charges during the services
lunch cost (max.1000 yen/guide)in case that the guide is provided through lunch time
Other actual tour-related expenses, if any
1) Neither SGG Club nor the guides accompanying you are responsible
for any injuries, or theft and/or damage to possessions that may occur during the services.
2) We do not provide the following tours:
-Night or overnight tours
-tours using private or rental cars/bikes
-Tours for commercial purposes
3) Our Service may not be provided under the following conditions:
-An appropriate SGG guide is not available in the terms of schedule, language ,etc.
-A guide request is received less than 2 weeks before the requested service date.(However, we will try to accommodate you.)
-Any Changes in the initial schedule or plan, which make it difficult for us to provide the guide services.
-The conditions described herein are not agreeable.
4) The information provided in the Application will be used by our SGG Club only for the purpose of providing requested tour guide services.