that you want In this course, we will make our plans in accordance with our guests’requests For instance, we will guide you the places near from Nagareyama such as Mt. Tsukuba from which you can see all Kanto plain Besides, you can see and experience various Japanese culture in Nagareyama City.
Points of Sightseeing
  1. Experiencing the world of Man’yoshu poetry at Mt. Tsukuba
  2. Sightseeing and experiencing Japanese culture in Nagareyama
    ①Tea ceremony ②Haiku ③History exploration at the end of Edo Shogunate ④Making Japanese style lantern ⑤sightseeing soy sauce factory after guide application 3 weeksbefore
  • We can guide you as your requested time
  • Sightseeing fish market in the early morning and one scene of Kabuki at Ginza and Appreciation of antique art at Ueno Museum
  • Feeling soubunka at Man’you Park Mr. Tsukuba
  • Feeling the world of Japanese tea ceremony and Haiku in Nagareyama
  • Sightseeing soy sauce factory after guide application 3 weeks before

《 Mt. Tsukuba, Man’you-No-Sato 》

When the central adminstration with the regulation sysuytem was born in Japan, from the end of 7the to the beginning of 8th century, Total about 4500 poems on Long Tanka and short Tanka read by Emperors and villagers for 400 years were to be cited in a poetry book called “Man’yoshu”. In this poetry book, there are 25 poems loaded about Mt. Tsukuba’s ridges. It tells us that the mountain was a spritual pillar of the people of this area and have been loved since ancient times.

Through the view of the top of the mountain, it is remembered that warm gaze of the people who are working.

①Mt. Tsukuba summit

②Mt. Tsukuba Shrine

③Mt. Tsukuba distant view

④Mt. Tsukuba Autumn