Points of Sightseeing
  1. Walk on the banks of the Tone Canal opened in 1890 as 8.5 kilometers linking Edo and Tone River
  2. Chobo no Oka is the best point you can command a panoramic view
  3. Along with the banks of the Canal, you can cherish meeting with birds and rare plants.
  • The Tone Canal designed by Mulder, a Dutch engineer had been played an important water transportation between Tohoku and Edo for many years. In present the Canal turned to be a recreational spot with water and greens registered [Civil Engineering Heritage]
  • Breweries of the clear mirin brought prosperity to Nagareyama. Brewing of sake and mirin is still active. Factory visits are required to book in advance.
  • You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and red spider lily in autumn. Coffee and tea are served in the gallery with bamboo forests.


①Canal Waterside Park

Along with the bank of canal, cherry blossoms lighted up in spring and red spider lilies in fall can be seen.

②Tone Canal Exchange Center

Flower calendar and names of birds are exhibited. You can rent bicycles here.

③Kubota Brewing

Sake and Soy sauce brewing can be seen. One of New Shikoku88 Pilgrimage is near the factory.17Masters of the Tone Canal are smiling gently.

④Brasserie “Shinkawa”

since 1892 ,Please enjoy European cuisine in the Japanese style rooms.

⑤Gallery Heizaemon

Old storehouse can be seen next to bamboo forests .Haiku(the shortest poem in the world) by Kobayashi Issa are shown in the garden.

⑥Chobo no Oka

You can command a fine view of curved line from a small hill. Best spot for photos and sketching among the banks. If you stretched your legs to east for Tone River ,you could enjoy a secret oasis with birds and plants.

Restaurant Toneunga along



③Inisaja (Asian)