that you want In this course, we will make our plans in accordance with our guests’requests For instance, we will guide you the places near from Nagareyama such as Asakusa, Tokyo and Mt. Tsukuba from which you can see all Kanto plain Besides, you can see and experience various Japanese culture in Nagareyama City.
Points of Sightseeing
  1. In Tokyo, sightseeing Asakusa, Tsukiji, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Ginza
  2. Experiencing the world of Man’yoshu poetry at Mt. Tsukuba
  3. Sightseeing and experiencing Japanese culture in Nagareyama
    ①Tea ceremony ②Haiku ③History exploration at the end of Edo Shogunate ④Making Japanese style lantern ⑤sightseeing soy sauce factory after guide application 3 weeksbefore
  • We can guide you as your requested time
  • Sightseeing fish market in the early morning and one scene of Kabuki at Ginza and Appreciation of antique art at Ueno Museum
  • Feeling soubunka at Man’you Park Mr. Tsukuba
  • Feeling the world of Japanese tea ceremony and Haiku in Nagareyama
  • Sightseeing soy sauce factory after guide application 3 weeks before

《 Tokyo:Asakusa, Tsukiji, Ginza, Shinjuku, Shibuya 》

Nagareyam City is about 30 minutes from central Tokyo by train Therefore, we Nagareyama SGG Club can guide you tourists spots in Tokyo on condition that traffic fee from Nagareyama to Tokyo (one way) 1,000yen payed by you


Tokyo①Asakusa Sensoji temple

Sensoji temple is a Kan’non sacred place with a history of nearly 1400 years. According to the temple’s legend, Kan’non (the image of mercy) appeared in the early morning of March 18th in 628, 36th year at Emperor Suiko in Asuka period.

It is cited that on the day of Kan’non appeared, 1000 pine trees arose at one night, and afte 3 days past, a dragon with gold scale got off in the pine forest. This tanshou was the source of the mountain name (Kinryuzan) that was attached later. The streets in front of the temple are busy and lively with various shops lining up inheriting Japanese culture.

Tokyo②Tsukiji Fish market


Tokyo④Meiji shrine




Tokyo⑧Imperial Palace