The Nearest City with Woods from Mid of Tokyo, just 30min from Center of Tokyo !

The City Nagareyama is such city , where we support you the visitors and the habitant from abroad, We Nagareyama SGG (Systematized Goodwill Guide) Club is a volunteer club organized with the menbers who are registered as volunteer guides to JNTO(Japan National Tourism Organization)

The profile of Nagareyama SGG Club is as follows ;

Nagareyama Goodwill Guide Club ( or Nagareyama SGG Club )
To make the international goodwill communications with the visitors and the habitants from abroad, throuh the goodwill guide activities under JNTO, as volunteers.
on 11th February 2010
1.To support for visitors and habitants from abroad to communicate in their visiting points in Nagareyama., Tokyo, and Tsukuba.

2.To guide them in City Nagareyama, Tokyo, and Tsukuba  after getting the reservations.

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